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Beacon Hills has been invaded by the Alpha Pack, the Argents have hung up their guns but Chris Argent isn't done. He wants to protect his family at all costs. He has called in a favor from none other than Dean Winchester and his brother Sam. Happy to get rid of some werewolves the Winchesters make their way to Beacon Hills, only to discover that the small were infested town has more secrets hidden under the surface.


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Anna Milton is many years old and is a Human Fallen Angel. She’s the doppelganger of Julie McNiven. You’re in luck, Anna is available.

Every hunter knows that if you have even the smallest affiliation with the Supernatural world you’re cursed, and that seems to be the story of Anna Milton, a woman who can hear the voices of angels and can see the seals. The Winchesters decide to track her down once receiving word from Ruby that the Demons want her brought back to them alive. Both sides have no idea what she could be, not even she knows. However, there seems to be a lot the woman can recall. She knows a lot about the Winchesters and all of the seals that are available for breaking. She can be quite the helpful tool if she were to be recovered by either side since she knows the seals Lilith has already broken. 

Anna grew up in a fairly normal fashion. She was born to two parents (who were later killed by demons) and went to school to become a journalist. Then why is it the woman is cursed with such knowledge? A mere human? No one knows, but figuring this out come later. 

Currently the woman is hiding out in a church, a place she thinks demons won’t be able to find her. She knows that she is on the hunt for her for they came after her while she was in the mental hospital. She has no clue what she will do once she has successfully escaped from them, but knows that the rest of her life will be spent running.

Some points about Anna:

  • It is possible for her to reveal all 600 seals, but such would take a while in her human form
  • She has a list of all of the seals Lilith has already broken
  • She knows Sam and Dean from how much the angels talk about him
  • Once she is able to help the Winchesters, the wolves that are under Lilith’s control will not believe her and will try to kill her
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